Short and Sweet

No trip to Lisbon would be complete without visiting the place where the life of the Portuguese egg tart all began. In Portuguese they are called Pastel de Nata and can be found in cafés all over Lisbon but the mothership of these little babies is in the café called ‘Pastéis de Belém‘. There’s a great video on their website which shows them in the making.

The throngs of people queuing out the door for take-aways says it all. Rooms upon rooms are filled with people from all walks of life eating these deliciously decadent morsels of pure heaven. The flakiness and crunchiness of the pastry combined with the creaminess of the egg custard inside is to die for. Imitations on the original just do not compare. Once you’ve had the original, it’s hard to go back. The traditional way to eat them is with cinnamon and icing sugar sprinkled on top.

Pumping out the pastéis

They have been making these little tarts since 1837. That’s a hell of a lot of tarts. They churn out around 10,000 of these tarts every day and I heard that this grows to a staggering 20,000 tarts per day on the weekends! Holy tart!

We started with a plate of two to have with our bica coffees and of course we had to have seconds! It’s impossible to stop at just one. Like I said, you can also take these away. You can buy a paper tube which can hold up to half a dozen.

You can then go home and scoff in private.

Calories to take-away please!