Sea of Tranquility

I discovered after a visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium that photographing marine life through thick convex acrylic is not easy. So I put together a video instead to give you a much better idea about how great the aquarium is. It’s the second largest aquarium in Europe.

It’s a huge place, featuring over 450 different species. The central tank is about 5,000 cubic metres and 23 feet deep.

Credit to Filipa for her beautiful footage of the white jellyfish that I used in my video.

You may have spotted the very unusual Sunfish (or Mola Mola) on my video. Its one of the few aquariums in the world to house Sunfish due to their demanding requirements of care.

Two sharks and a Moray eel

There was also a great temporary exhibit featuring many different kinds of turtles but by far, the highlight for me were the lontras, sea otters. So entertaining. So cute. Very content to just lie on their backs posing for the crowd. The ambience of the place is really nice too. As you wander around the place, all you can hear are ocean sounds, crashing waves, wind, whale and dolphin calls, birds.

It’s a lovely tranquil place to spend a cold, grey winter afternoon.