Loves of Portugal

It’s taken me a while, but here it is. My Portugal blog – “Pounding the Calçada Portuguesa“. We’ve been doing a lot of walking and the streets of Lisbon are absolutely stunning, if not a little dangerous at times. But I’m finding that the beauty of this art form definitely outweighs their slippery and perilous nature.

Calçada Portuguesa, otherwise known as Portuguese pavement, is a very traditional style cobblestone found everywhere throughout Portugal. Designs are usually in black and white using basalt and limestone, are still created by hand and are an important part of the nations identity and heritage.

Many beautiful afternoons have so far been spent walking and getting lost in the gorgeous and charming streets of Lisbon, exploring the narrow travessas (alleyways) and becos (cul-de-sacs) in Alfama, Graça, Bairro Alto, Chaido and Castelo districts. Calçada can be found everywhere throughout Lisbon from ordinary black and white square designs through to the more elaborate and artistic patterns.

I’m totally obsessed with the calçada in this country!

But I also have a growing obsession with the Portuguese tiles, the azulejos. Wandering the streets of Lisbon is a feast of colours and designs, not only at feet level, but also at eye level and above on the many traditional apartment buildings. The tiles are painted and made from ceramic. The artform date backs to the 15th century and can be found on just about every kind of building from churches, palaces, apartment buildings, train stations to the Metro.

In contrast, the city is also covered with amazing street art and graffiti, which I also love. The colour and the designs are unique and it is fast becoming a major attraction of Lisbon, so much so that the city council has started handing over abandoned buildings to artists, as they have realised that good quality street art might actually be an asset rather than a scourge on the city.

I’ve already been here six weeks and am completely in love.  I will have plenty to write about…..the food, the culture, the art, the people, the music, the language, the beautiful countryside….as we pound the pavements of Portugal.

And last, but not least, my other love in Portugal, and the reason I am here.

So stay tuned and please feel free to comment if the mood strikes you. It makes me happy to know you are out there reading.


15 thoughts on “Loves of Portugal

  1. As always its such a pleasure to follow your adventures, enjoying your passion for life and living through your blog. Wonderful. Beautiful. Enlightening. Amazing. Spectacular. Thank you for sharing…I look forward to more!

  2. Hi Ange! I started with Obidos and then went forwards and backwards through your blog following your story. Nodded and smiled at many of the images I recognised- Lisbon is a pretty stunning city so you’ve got plenty of scope. Will be interested to see what comes next

    • Thanks Jo! Thanks for subscribing. I like your blog too and great timing as we are heading to Tavira in a few weeks for a break! Portugal is indeed very beautiful. Lucky you with your place in the Algarve….Thanks for making a connection!

      • Wonderful! Wish I was heading back this year! Don’t know how well informed you are about Tavira or if you just like to follow your nose but a few of my links take you to my guides on Simonseeks. Say hi to the folks at Anazu for me- we love a glass of port or two there on an evening, and as you’re a foodie I can recommend “A Taska” for a bit of not too expensive fine dining. Have fun!

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